Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not everything goes as planned...

When I started this blog, I figured I'd have much more to talk about than I actually do. Turns out, Wave does such a good job of being a communication tool that there's really not much to point out about how to use it for gaming than I already have. Get a diceroller, find people, and play. It turns out that it pretty much is just that easy.

As such, I am discontinuing this blog. It will remain active, and I may start up other, broader blogs at a later date, but I'm afraid there simply isn't enough subject matter here to keep going on the current tack. If you do get on Wave and have any further questions about using it, try searching in wave "with:public tag:rpg". You'll turn up a large number of waves on the subject and rapidly find yourself a participant in a vibrant community of gamers!

Thank you for reading!

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